Correction: Inga Muscio’s book is still in circulation at UW!

21 Mar

In my post, Sexism at UW, I mentioned that Inga Muscio’s book had been de-shelved from Dana Porter Library. This was an error.

A friend of mine at the library informed me tonight that she had taken it out a couple weeks ago to read, and she assures me that it is still in circulation.

While this does not make up for the events surrounding International Women’s Day, it does show that there are those with integrity at our school. Universities are a hub of learning and experience, and our materials should not ever be censored. If the time ever comes where our reading materials are censored, then I hope that there is a swift and loud outcry from the entire student population.

2 Responses to “Correction: Inga Muscio’s book is still in circulation at UW!”

  1. Nafis at 11:51 am #

    So Kyla, I feel you(and Steph) might have been unfair towards the University. It turns out three out of the four arguments you listed as the reason why our University is unfair based on gender, turns out to not be based on gender or simply incorrect. The reason why rooms were kept locked was due to affiliation with WPIRG, the reason why police were hosing down the marketing was because it used a word that is considered a profanity and a lot of people (both men and women) are offended by it. The third reason you listed was the removal of certain literature from the library, which as you said is still in circulation. The fourth reason was the things the SLC staff said to the presenter/author, which though rude and quite disagreeable, obviously does not represent the University’s perspective. So it is not the University that is being gender biased. It is not the University that is not allowing the quest for gender equality, in fact I believe the University is trying to provide the level playing field required for the achievement. Unfortunately there are certain individuals who are set on more traditional gender roles differentiation between men and women, that needs to change. We must negate extremism(such as the Marie Curie posters) , both from groups vying for and against gender equality, and instead of getting frustrated and sending angry emails, we need to stay calm and work towards coming to a common understanding of problems and solutions.


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    […] Correction: Inga Muscio’s book is still in circulation at UW!. My Comment on March 21, 2012 at 11:51 am # […]

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