9 Jul

Fantastic blog! Thank you to Steph (http://findingdevelopment.wordpress.com/) for sharing this with me. This is a must-read if you don’t want others deciding what a woman can or can’t do with her body.

dips in the road

  • Soraya Chemaly

Soraya Chemaly

Feminist, Satirist, and Media Critic

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts
Posted: 03/15/2012 5:47 pm


This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House that would make it necessary for some women to carry stillborn or dying fetuses until they “naturally” go into labor. In arguing for this bill Representative Terry England described his empathy for pregnant cows and pigs in the same situation.

I have a question for Terry England, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and too many others: I have three daughters, two of them twins. If one of my twins had been stillborn would you have made me carry her to…

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