16 Jul

My mom always told me that if we weren’t careful, the rights that our mothers and grandmothers fought for would be taken away. If this story (blogged by my classmate Steph) doesn’t convince you on the war on women, nothing will.

finding development

Who knew that simply HAVING some of those items in the image to the left could be grounds for being arrested? I sure didn’t, but it seems that authorities in several cities in the USA disagree with me.

When I saw in the news that aid and health agencies were handing out condoms to sex workers to help minimize the risk of HIV and STI transmission (as well as the risk of pregnancy) I thought; “that’s amazing! Finally moving past stigmas and making decisions based on basic human health needs.” Then I saw that police and public authorities were confiscating those condoms essentially giving women the option to hand the condoms over or go to jail and I was enraged. I was even more enraged when I found out that this was happening in the USA – which in my opinion is a country that is quickly and systematically…

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  1. Taylor Hansford at 7:15 pm #

    This is exactly why the US has a climbing HIV rate (in comparison with other first world countries), and the highest teen pregnancy rates out of all first world countries. Unwanted pregnancy in the US is such a big deal to me, because abortion is not easily accessible for all women, and it’s expensive! So, women either turn to back alley “doctors” and end up being severely mutilated in some cases, or they end up having child after child, that they don’t want. In turn, these children often end up so horribly abused and neglected, and these children are the future! HOW SAD! I also just learned that the entire state of Alabama only has ONE abortion clinic. ONE! Pathetic.

    • shiggs91 at 8:05 pm #

      Mississipi also has one, and the state is in the process of trying to close it.. But this clinic does more than just abortions, its also one of the prime locations for maternal and prenatal health care.

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