The Botswana Adventure Begins!

13 Sep

Hello friends, family and readers! My companions and I have safely made it to Gaborone (read Ha-bow-row-nay) and have had a couple days of orientation so far. We are staying with a Canadian expat and her family while we’re in the capital and make our way to our placements Friday.

Our trip included a layover in London, so we left the airport and did some exploring! We took the underground to downtown and saw that London 2012 was running some events! We walked along the marathon route to the London Eye. You can see the picture of me from the top with Big Ben in the background!

Our next stop was Big Ben then Westminister Abbey which were both very beautiful. We stopped for fish and chips at a pub on our way to Buckingham Palace where unfortunately we did not see any royals.

Then it was back to the airport for our long journey to South Africa then Botswana!

I am very happy to finally be here and am already starting to feel more comfortable than Monday. Yesterday we went to the Mokolodi Game Reserve, so I will post pictures and an update soon!


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