3 Oct

Excellent post from Steph at Finding Development.

finding development

Being a woman can often seem like every action and expectation is contradictory, regardless of where you live. You’re expected to be street smart, but vulnerable. You will be stereotyped as either helpless or stubborn. People will ask you questions, then smile, and look to whatever man you’re with for validation that your response was correct. Yet at the same time, women are supposed to be strong and independent. But not so independent that you don’t want to get married and settle down – preferably while you’re still young enough to have children.

Being a woman means that because of these stereotypes and expectations, simple actions can be shocking, surprising, and have unintended effects. It means that despite ‘equality’ you will still have to work harder to prove yourself as capable. Once you’re seen as capable, you may lose any association as a woman or feminine, because apparently capability and…

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