3 Oct

finding development

Being a woman means having immeasurable strength to deal with the many twists and turns of life. It means knowing when to continue and when to turn away and choosing to continue with the hardest but most necessary decisions. It means that you are the sounding board of life’s problems, the person who is able to see, hear, and experience everything that can go wrong but still be strong enough to remain unbroken. Despite all this, you must be strong enough to remember to put yourself first.

Being a woman means educating the world to share their voices and respect each person. It means being responsible for the first lessons in life that new generations learn. It means that through patience and time you will touch the hearts of those you meet and enable them to grow and learn. You have the power to teach others to love instead of…

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  1. Angela Ball at 3:45 pm #

    Hi Kyla,

    I read some of your stories today. Sounds like you are really experiencing the country, good for you. But like your mom said be careful hitchhiking!!!!!!!! I am glad you are having the adventure of your life.
    Will miss you at xmas. Aunt Angela

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