Please help Finca la Florida

4 Dec

Hey all,

As many of you know, I spent a summer in Guatemala in 2009. I stayed on an organic coffee plantation, Finca la Florida. I fell in love with the finca, the people, the country and the field of development. Below is a picture I took of Lorenzo, a little boy who would be 6 years old and much bigger now!


On November 8, 2012, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit less than 100 km from la Florida. Ten families’ homes were ruined, a wall of La Casa Grande (the community center and building for the ecotourism project) fell, a water pipe that is necessary for processing the coffee beans is broken, many coffee plants are hurt and there has been damage to the bee housing. All of these need to be repaired to ensure the livelihoods of the people of la Florida.

A crowdsourcing campaign has been set up to help la Florida raise the funds needed to make the repairs. This holiday season, I am asking my friends, family, and readers to consider donating towards this campaign (you can donate as little as $1!) I am not going to be with my family for Christmas this year, so instead of sending a gift all the way to Botswana for me, please send your gift to Guatemala. Thank you all so much for supporting this community that is near and dear to my heart!


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