Marriage can help further your career – but only if you’re a man

28 Jan

My youngest brother was born with health complications that made it necessary to have one parent caring for him full-time. My mother assumed this role, and never returned back to work full-time once her maternity leave was finished, in order to care for my brother. This decision made sense because although my mother had a great career as an equine researcher at a university, my father had a higher earning potential as a software engineer. But even if my mother had returned to work, she would have been years behind on the career track compared to a counterpart that never took time off.

Alexis Coe wrote an article in The Atlantic which discusses the role that gender plays in the promotions of professors. She writes that female historian professors who had never married were promoted from associate to full professor in an average of 6.7 years, while their married counterparts took an average of 7.8 years to be promoted. On the contrary, their male counterparts who had been married were promoted in 5.9 years, while unmarried men took slightly longer to advance at 6.4 years. So why does marriage help further the careers of men while slowing down women’s careers?

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One Response to “Marriage can help further your career – but only if you’re a man”

  1. Eccentristic February 26, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Beyond the gender influences that encourage women to assume the “natural” role of caregiver there is also the “need” to advance that is overlooked sometimes by our gender aware lenses. A woman who has never married is probably (and this is debatable) concerned with her own advancement more than a woman who is able to share her income and bills with another individual. One of the arguments associated with the gender wage gap is simply “women don’t ask for more money” and a lot of that stems from this age old idea that women who work do so for “purse money” or spending money and not for a survivable wage.

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