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Guessing Game

26 Feb

Here in Ghanzi, there are many churches. One of the denominations, the Dutch Reformed Church, has two churches with two separate congregations. In fact, they are about a two minute walk from each other.

One of them is known as “the white church” and delivers services in Afrikaans to a predominantly white congregation. The other is known as “the black church” and delivers services in Setswana to a predominantly black congregation.

Here are their pictures. Can you guess which one is which?


Better Late than Never

26 Feb

Hey all, sorry for my lack of updates lately! I have been having a difficult time since the holidays, and have definitely been feeling a little homesick and more than a little unmotivated. There hasn’t been a lot of work for me to do at my organization which was very frustrating for me, but finally things are starting to pick up. I have a few small projects to work on and I have been able to attend a few regional forum on the organization’s behalf. A lot of what I am doing is preparing material for the organization once funding comes in. For example, I am designing a gender workshop with many different sessions (sexual health, domestic violence, alcohol and values and norms to name a few) so that when I am gone, they have all the necessary materials to facilitate the workshop. 

Apart from work, I am definitely feeling a lot more at home here in Ghanzi. I have made a good group of friends and feel like I am starting to fit in better socially. It definitely makes a difference when you get invited to parties, to baby showers and other social events! I am also getting SUPER excited about my upcoming vacation with Heather and Kelsey to Namibia and Cape Town!