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Real Women, Real Pictures

5 Jul

Seventeen Magazine has pledged to no longer air-brush the models in their pages. The entire staff has also signed a pledge to celebrate all kinds of beauty with a range of skin tones, body types, heights and hair textures. See the letter from Seventeen’s editor in chief here and check out their behind the scenes here.

This is also a huge win for the Miss Representation campaign and shows the power of social media. 14-year old Julia Bluhm asked Seventeen to post one unaltered spread in each issue – and the campaign took off. SPARK teamed up with Miss Representation, LoveSocial and I Am That Girl for the #KeepItRealCampaign. This gained support from thousands of people on Twitter, Instagram and blogs asking women’s and girls’ magazines to stop Photoshopping women’s bodies. And the masses won.

So what now?

Get Teen Vogue on board by signing this petition.

Take the Miss Representation pledge “to use my voice to spread the message of Miss Representation and challenge the media’s limiting portrayal of women and girls” and ACT on it.