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“You ate 50 wings?!” A new alternative to vegetarianism

20 Jun

I was vegetarian for 6 years, and I started eating meat again last summer in preparation for my placement in Botswana. This is something I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about. So, thank you to Lucy for showing me this video (Check out her post on Guilty Eating). Nafis also wrote about The Meat-Lovers Dilemma awhile back too.


This talk gives some interesting statistics on meat-eating:

  • Meat causes more emissions than all transportation combined
  • The processes of beef use 100x more water than vegetables

 So, why does our society eat so much meat? Because it tastes good and it’s easy! It is absolutely disgusting that someone can go to a bar and be proud of the fact that they inhaled 50 wings. Think of the physical and environmental health a habit like that can take. Umm, ew!

In this video, Graham Hill suggests a new solution to being just a “meat-eater” or just a “vegetarian” : a weekday vegetarian. The concept is simple – vegetarian on weekdays, whatever you want on weekends. I am now committing myself to this idea (with a slight alteration: 2 days a week for meat, not necessarily weekends). I ate fish for lunch, so there’s one.

What are your meat-eating habits? What are your reasons for being a vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, meatitarian, or any other “arian”?