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“Leading with Lollipops”

19 Jun

We all love TED, so check out this TEDxToronto video!

I really like this video, and I am intrigued by the idea of thinking as leadership as influencing one person. When I first saw this video, I thought about how this concept can be applied to development. Initially, I thought that it is just a way for people in the field to feel better about themselves and their work. But then I thought about my work with Zikomo Bags, and I realized that I can completely apply this idea. Zikomo Bags currently works with 11 women. But these 11 women have learned valuable sewing skills, and 2 of them are now teaching a course on sewing and tailoring. What can their students accomplish? These 11 women can now more easily afford to send their children to school. What can their children accomplish? The lollipops just keep getting passed along.

Leading with Lollipops really can work. It is also a great way to maintain hope and optimism in the often discouraging field of development.

Do you like the idea of leading with lollipops? Is it more effective for people working in the field of development, or for the people receiving development aid? Or is it just a “hokey” idea that is best left to Orientation Leaders?