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Vote NO to M312

20 Sep

I want to share the wonderful reply I got from Elizabeth May’s office to my e-mail about voting NO to M312. This motion, proposed by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, would essentially reopen the debate on the definition of a human being under the Canadian Criminal Code. This could affect many reproductive rights of women, including abortion, contraception, and rights throughout pregnancy. 

“Thank you for your letter regarding the debate of the legal status of abortion in Canada, which has been re-opened by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth in a motion called M-312. I am very disturbed by Mr. Woodworth`s back-door attempt to re-open an abortion debate in Canada.

The Green Party opposes any possible move by the Harper Conservatives to diminish the right of a woman to a safe, legal abortion. We fully support a woman’s right to choose.

Through our “pro-life, pro-choice” position, we are also committed to expanding programs in reproductive rights and education to avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place and thus reduce the number of abortions in Canada. We have also advocated the expansion of supports for low-income mothers who wish to have a child, but may consider abortion due to lack of resources.

It is vital that safe, legal abortions be available to the women of Canada – and the world. We support federally-funded maternal health programmes to ensure access to family planning and primary health care, including access to safe, legal abortions.


Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party of Canada”

To read more about this motion, please visit here, here and here. See what Stephen Woodworth has to say about it on his website here

Encourage your local MP to follow Elizabeth May’s lead and vote NO tomorrow!

Legitimate Rape

31 Aug

The female body just shuts that whole thing down in the case of legitimate rape. That is, according to Missouri Congressman Todd Akin.

 What exactly is “legitimate” rape?  Silly me I guess, because I was always under the assumption that rape was rape. If a woman is wearing revealing clothing was she inviting her rapist so it’s not really rape? Do some women secretly want to be forced to have sex against their will so that makes it illegitimate? Are women required to never say no to their husbands, so marital rape is illegitimate? I guess I have been living in ignorance; Mr. Akin, can you please teach me which forms of rape are illegitimate?

 Next, thank you so much Mr. Akin for teaching me about my body. I don’t know how my mother, teachers, nurses and doctors failed to teach me this one, but I’m so happy that now I know that my body will just shut the whole thing down if I’m legitimately raped. 



Todd Akin is a man with the power to make decisions about a woman’s body. If people like Todd Akin continue to gain political and decision-making power then I fear that women will see their rights be stripped from them little by little. We can’t let this happen. 

16 Jul

My mom always told me that if we weren’t careful, the rights that our mothers and grandmothers fought for would be taken away. If this story (blogged by my classmate Steph) doesn’t convince you on the war on women, nothing will.

finding development

Who knew that simply HAVING some of those items in the image to the left could be grounds for being arrested? I sure didn’t, but it seems that authorities in several cities in the USA disagree with me.

When I saw in the news that aid and health agencies were handing out condoms to sex workers to help minimize the risk of HIV and STI transmission (as well as the risk of pregnancy) I thought; “that’s amazing! Finally moving past stigmas and making decisions based on basic human health needs.” Then I saw that police and public authorities were confiscating those condoms essentially giving women the option to hand the condoms over or go to jail and I was enraged. I was even more enraged when I found out that this was happening in the USA – which in my opinion is a country that is quickly and systematically…

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